Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

I. Content of the Terms of Use

These Terms of Use („Regulations”) contain the terms of access to the services provided by the Service Provider (Betplan Szolgáltató Kft.).
A user is considered to be a visitor to TTBKSPORT facebook interface as well as a website (both „Page”) and anyone who uses the Betplan Szolgáltató Kft.. If the User commences to use any item in the Service, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Policy.
Betplan Szolgáltató Kft. is entitled to change the Rules at any time. You will be informed about the change in a short form on the Page Message board. After the change, using any Service, the User accepts the amendment of the Code. All information regarding the operation of the Site and its Services and any other documents that may be linked to this Policy (eg Privacy Statement) are part of the Terms and Conditions and are binding on all Users.

II. The most important features and features of the Service

We recommend using the Site for Users over the age of 18. Since the legal system of some countries may impose a different age limit, the User must also include the age limit for participating in gambling in the country of residence or in the country where the Service is used.
The aim of the Service is to inform users of the status of the sports betting market both in Hungary and in the international arena. The Page provides information, advice and guidance to those interested in the topic.
The Service Provider reserves the right to modify or terminate any content of the Site at any time without prior notice, to change the appearance, content, operation of the advertisement, displaying the ad, its own services or other content. Content on the Site („advertisement:”) is classified as an advertisement.
Any modification or attempt to modify or alter the content, protection or attempted protection of the Site, or modify the access to protected content (such as paid ads), circumventing its protection, disclosure or disclosure of all or part of the Content will be treated as a violation and any definitive bans and legal consequences entails!
The Site is an independent site, does not own a gambling organization. The information provided here is intended for information and entertainment and no financial benefit is guaranteed!
The Service Provider is entitled to use the ideas, ideas and other material transmitted to the Site by any means, including free reproduction, transmission, publication or media release.
It is forbidden to post or comment on or postpone any content that is subject to statutory, pornographic, obscene, religious conviction, racist, defamatory, defamatory, threatening or otherwise objectionable.

III. Free services

Content is displayed on the Site and content on the Site is regularly published on news, content, and permanent items (eg current statistics, achievements, reports, prize games, permanent titles etc.), which reflect the needs of the service, comparing, evaluating and targeting the needs of the target audience. .) Hereinafter referred to as „Provider Content”.
In all cases, the Content of Service Providers reflects the subjective, independent opinion of the author and, in accordance with the nature of the product, carefully related, relevant, relevant, relevant information, information, information directly or indirectly (through links), in the light of the known expectations of the target audience and intent of orientation, Page, or by the nature and theme of the Provider Content.
By publishing the Service Provider Content, the Service Provider intends to provide Authenticated, Independent, Fast, accurate and wide-ranging information to Users in accordance with the relevant statutory obligation to provide information.

IV. Paid services

The premium part of the Provider Content is available to users by equalizing the membership fee indicated in the personal information. You can purchase a subscription by cash or bank transfer. The amount will be available to the Premium Content from within the limits of the Service Provider’s account (as soon as possible via online payment) but within 8 hours within a closed group. There is no way to reimburse the paid membership fee.
From the time the User becomes a holder of paid content, he becomes a „Subscriber” and has no right of withdrawal.
Our bidders can view current sports betting analysis and tips mainly on hockey, basketball, soccer, snooker, tennis and occasionally other sporting events (eg American football, darts, baseball, handball, cricket, volleyball, water polo, Formula 1). , which they can receive on traditional, paper-based tips and online betting offices. Tips, analyzes are only for guidance, guided by individual insights, their play is recommended for their own consideration, no financial benefit is guaranteed.
The User is obliged to abide by the applicable ethical standards on the Site, does not commit an insulting comment, nor does it face false accusations, such as Side, Service, Members, Administrators, and Tipster. Otherwise, you will be automatically excluded from the Service.
The User (including Subscribers) acknowledges that any sports betting is a risk. For this reason, the Service Provider does not guarantee that all recommended betting tips will be winners. The Service Provider assumes no liability for possible financial losses.
The User / Subscriber is prohibited from disclosing any information provided by the Service Provider to third parties, distribution and publishing of any gender.
The User / Subscriber is required to provide his / her personal data (real name, registered address, live e-mail address) for the purpose of issuing the electronic invoice, otherwise the Service Provider shall suspend the Subscriber’s access to Service Provider with immediate effect.
The Subscriber accepts that you will only receive the electronic invoice for the proof of payment of the service by post, we will not be able to deliver it by post.
Subscription is an automatically or manually renewable service. The date of renewal depends on the date of the subscription start and the type of subscription you choose. If the subscription is made through Paypal, the package is renewed automatically. It is possible to cancel this automatic renewal in the PayPal account or the cancellation request may be sent to the customer service.
V. Infringements and Consequences of Using the Service

Copyright: The Service and the content on the Site are copyrighted. All rights to the copyrights and the rights of the maker of the database are protected by the Service Provider and beyond the readmission, on-screen display and temporary duplication required for the intended use of the Service, as well as for personal and non-commercial hard disk and printout may not be used or utilized in any other form in the absence of the prior written consent of the Service Provider.
If you want to retrieve content from your page on your own timeline or website, you can do so only by entering the exact title of the analysis with unchanged content and completing it from the Page and indicating the source to link the hyperlink to the entire article (direct link) in the title or under the entry.
In this way, only legible content can be linked to the free service.
Please note that the acceptance of this Site in a different manner or to any extent infringes upon copyright and the Service Provider always takes legal action to terminate the infringement.
The Service may only be used in the framework of the applicable laws, without prejudice to the rights of third parties and the Service Provider, or in compliance with this Code. If a User uses the Service in violation of the provisions of this Policy or otherwise improperly or otherwise abusively, the Service Provider is entitled to take the necessary legal steps to ensure that the User is accountable.

VI. Responsibility

The Service Provider assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, reliability, completeness and suitability of the Site. The Service Provider is also not responsible for any defects in the context and for the consequences thereof, such as technical failure or omission in the Internet, technical downtimes of any origin, breaks, destructive applications or programs placed by others.
The Service Provider assumes no liability for any consequence resulting from incorrectly entered data when using the paid service.
The Site also contains links to third-party sites. The Operator does not take any responsibility for the contents of the links it uses or the pages it can retrieve, and does not control the contents of the links.
The Service Provider shall exclude any liability for any material or non-material damages caused by the User or otherwise incurred by the User in the conduct of the User, or any other consequence.
The Service Provider shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages arising out of the use of the Site or on the information contained on the Site.
VII. Data protection

The privacy statement for users is governed by the Privacy Policy.

Privacy Statement

The Betplan Szolgáltató Kft. will provide you with any personal data (hereinafter referred to as „Personal Data”) that you choose to provide us. All personal information related to your name, address, e-mail address, and credit card information is considered personal data. The Site seeks to ensure that the use of personal data by it meets the requirements of data protection or privacy. the rules governing the processing of personal data in the countries in which it operates. Accordingly, the Page has issued this Statement to inform its clients of how to use personal data.

How do I use your personal information?

Your personal data will be used in accordance with the applicable Privacy Act. Your Site intends to use your personal information for the following purposes: administering your account; to manage our own bookkeeping and records; to monitor Site attendance and quality of service; and to inform you from time to time about products and services that may be of interest („Purpose of Use”). All recorded data will remain property of the Site and will only be used for the above-mentioned purposes. In order to ensure the high quality of our services, we can keep in mind all communications („fixed communications”) with us – via e-mail or in writing. Emails sent to the public (tippmix.tanacsado@gmail.com) or private areas (via the Site) are not encrypted.


By entering your personal information and subscribing to our service, when you go to our Site, you will be free to use the Site to store and process your data. If you want to supplement, modify, or limit your consent in any way, please let us know at tippmix.tanacsado@gmail.com.

general information

If the purpose of the use changes, we will notify you as soon as we can and, if necessary, request your further approval.

May 15, 2018