Privacy Policy

Privacy Notice
In connection with the online sales activity of Betplan Szolgáltató Kft. (Data Management), the personal data of the registered users are handled solely for the purpose of ordering and fulfillment of the obligation to perform (invoicing). It only handles personal data that is essential for the purpose of data management and is suitable for reaching the goal. Personal data is only managed to the extent and for the duration required to achieve this goal.

The Data Controller protects the registered users’ personal data in the webshop in all reasonable ways.

Address of the data controller: Betplan Szolgáltató Kft., 6300 Kalocsa, Tulipán utca 41.
Contact details: Phone: + 36-20-442-8359, E-mail:

Contribution to data management: When signing up for a user, you explicitly agree to manage your volunteer’s personal data.

Stakeholders: registered users

Data managed: Registered users are required to complete the order when registering: Name, Contact (phone, email), Invoice address

The purpose of the data collection is to execute orders and invoice.

The person who is able to know the data is able to:
– Commercial staff of Betplan Szolgáltató Kft.

Term of data management: personal data electronically stored will be deleted within 365 days of the order being executed.

The customer may apply to the data controller
– inform you about the handling of your personal data,
– correction of your personal data,
– Deleting or blocking your personal information.

The user can access, modify or delete his / her own data by entering the username and password provided during the registration.

If you have previously sent an order, then the order is valid at the time of sending. Information about modifying or deleting personal information related to your order may be initiated by person, telephone or email at the data controller.

The data controller shall provide the information in writing in the shortest possible time, but not more than 10 days, in a comprehensible form, at the request of the registered user. If the registered user’s claim is found to be legitimate, he or she will promptly arrange for the correction or deletion of his / her personal data.

If the registered user is not satisfied with the data manager’s response, he or she may enforce his or her personal data protection before a civil court.